Crochet hook to yarn weight guide

Hey fellow crochet lovers

Yarn weight and hook sizes can cause a lot of confusion when you are just starting out.  There is just so many hook sizes to choose from, and some yarn weights go by several names, its no wonder beginners are scratching their heads.

Once you have practised a bit you will figure out the sizes that work best for you or that you prefer, but Ive created a quick glance guide for you to help you out.

Most patterns will give you a guide for which hook size you will need and the band on your yarn will also usually have a guide.

This guide also lists out the various names that some yarn weights can be called and the numbers you might see them referred to in patterns and on online resources.

If you would like the guide as a free pdf printable to keep in your craft space or crochet basket, pop me an email at and I will send it straight over for you.

Todays Tuesday Tip segment on our social media accounts is all about the hook size, so hop over and check that out too, you can find us on all the usual spots @huggablehome.  Tuesdays Tip for crochet is a regular feature so you can catch up on all previous segments on our instagram IGTV and youtube channel.  

Let us know your favourite hook and yarn size.  If you have any thing you would like covered in future blogs or segments, let us know and we will add them in.

Happy Crocheting